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F-500 EA Fire Extinguishers

The F-500 Encapsulator Agent (EA) Fire Extinguisher brings the rapid knockdown and superior cooling power of F-500 Encapsulator Agent to a portable, stored pressure fire extinguisher that is ideal for first response to Class A and B fires. The F-500 Fire Extinguisher provides the security of an effective agent in a quick response delivery system. The 2.5-gallon supply of 3% solution provides enough protection to prevent a small fire from becoming a large problem.

Product Features:
• Quality, stainless steel 2.5-gallon (9.46L) extinguisher
• Includes wall mounting bracket and user instructions
• Rechargeable, using standard air compressor • Dimensions: 9” x 24.5” x 7” (23cm x 63cm x 18cm)

Nozzle Options:
• Smooth Bore – Single, straight stream for penetration
• Water Mist Wand – Fog mist for broadest coverage with limited fuel disturbance
• 4A – Four straight streams for penetration and broader coverage

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F-500 EA Charging Options:
• 10 oz. (0.3 liter) F-500 EA Recharge Kit for rapid refi lls (3% solution)
• F-500 EA in 5-gallon (20-liter) pails, 55-gallon (210-liter) drums and 250-gallon (1,000-liter) totes.

To protect larger areas, ask about HCT’s F-500 EA fi xed and portable agent delivery solutions. From 26-gallon F-500 EA carts to 10,000 gallon fi xed concentrate control systems, HCT can provide the fi re protection system your application demands.

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F-500 Handy Pack Portable Units

Our new Handy Packs are perfect for fi rst responders to extinguish small fi res or mitigate spills.  They can also be used with HCT’s Dust Wash for housekeeping to remove potentially hazardous dusts. For fi refi ghting, these portable extinguishers are designed to carry concentrated F-500 Encapsulator Agent and deliver a metered amount into the water stream.  A 1” or 1 ½” hose is connected to the Handy Pack and the unit is ready to go.  Ergonomic cushioned backpack models are available with adjustable, padded shoulder straps and waist strap to keep the weight evenly distributed.   Handy Pack has a narrow design to make it easier to get through doors or tight spaces.  The unit is completely fl ame retardant and durable with a high impact polyethylene reservoir of 2 ½ or 5 gallons.

Handy Pack delivers a metered amount of F-500 using a unique self-educting nozzle.  This design doesn’t have the pressure drop associated with typical eductors.  The nozzle and tip are machined out of high-grade aluminum alloy with a generous 50 micron anodized, PTFE impregnated coating to assure excellent corrosion and wear resistance.  The shut-off  ball also has a special coating for years of smooth action and minimal wear.  The nozzle tip is designed for 20 gpm and has a protective bumper guard.  Handy Pack has various metering orifi ces to handle Class A fi res,  small Class B fi res or spill mitigation of Class B fuels.

Handy Packs Use F-500 Encapsulator Agent
•  Rapid Knockdown of Class A and B Fires
•  Permanent Burnback Resistance Prevents Re-ignition
•  Unequaled Heat Reduction of the Fuel and Surrounding Structures
•  Interruption of Free Radicals Rapidly Reduces Smoke and Toxins

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Handy Pack 2.5G-FN

The Handy Pack 2.5G-FN is an economical, lightweight and convenient fi re extinguisher for rapid deployment by fi rst responders.  The 2.5G-FN attaches to a 1” or 1 ½” hose and delivers 20 gpm.   The 2.5G-FN carries 2 ½ gallons (10 liters) of F-500 Encapsulator Agent providing up to 31 minutes of constant fl ow for Class A fi res.  For spill mitigation*, the 2.5G-FN can encapsulate about 20 gallons or 200 square feet of hydrocarbon fuel, such as gasoline or oil.  Filled with F-500, the 2.5G-FN weighs only 33 lbs. and is hand carried.  If you prefer, the 2.5G-FNBP has a cushioned backpack with padded shoulder straps and waist strap.  Both 2.5G-FN models have a convenient wall mounting bracket.

Handy Pack 5.0G-FNBP

The economical Handy Pack 5.0G-FNBP provides the same convenience as the 2.5G-FN, but can handle bigger challenges.  The 5-gallon (20 liter) reservoir on the 5.0G-FNBP provides enough F-500 Encapsulator Agent to attack a Class A fi re with the 0.4% orifi ce for more than 60 minutes or a Class B fi re with 3% F-500 for approximately 8 minutes.  If the 5.0G-FNBP can’t completely extinguish the fi re in that time, it will impede the fi re enough to reduce damage and allow for more equipment to arrive.  Keep in mind, the F-500 Encapsulator Agent provides permanent burnback resistance, so everywhere it is applied is going to remain extinguished.  The 5.0G-FNBP has enough capacity to render a 40-gallon hydrocarbon fuel spill nonfl ammable.*  An ergonimic backpack harness is provided to help the fi refi ghter carry this 57 lb. extinguisher with less fatigue.

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F-500 EA Portable Cart Systems

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F-500 EA Portable Carts are excellent for fi rst responders when a fi re extinguisher just won’t do the job. Available in 26 or 40-gallon models, these units carry F-500 Encapsulator Agent and attach to a 1½-inch fi re hose. They are the perfect way to get the benefi ts of F-500 EA from an existing standpipe. A low-pressure eductor draws the F-500 EA into the hose at variable settings from 0.4 to 6% (F-500 EA is typically recommended at 1% for Class A fi res and 3% for Class B fi res).

F-500 EA Portable Carts are designed for incipient fires only, but can provide enough solution to fight a Class A fire for over an hour and a Class B fi re for up to 21 minutes. That’s a lot of delivery time for a portable unit. With F-500 Encapsulator Agent’s ability to encapsulate hydrocarbons, resist burn back, cool fuel and surrounding structures and fight three-dimensional fires, most fires are extinguished in minutes. If the F-500 EA Portable Cart can’t extinguish the fire, it will certainly control it until fi refi ghters arrive.

Another potential use for F-500 EA Portable Carts is mitigating accidental hydrocarbon spills. The F-500 EA solution encapsulates hydrocarbons, quickly rendering them nonfl ammable and nonignitable, providing permanent burn back resistance. In most cases, on a hard surface, the neutralized, encapsulated fuel can be left to evaporate. With a hydrocarbon spill on soil, the F-500 EA solution penetrates into the soil, encapsulating the hydrocarbon molecules, making them more readily available and enhancing the natural bioremediation process.*
The polyethylene reservoir is supported by an epoxy-coated metal frame and includes a storage area for accessories. The portable carts come complete with a low-pressure eductor, industrial fi refi ghting and washdown nozzle and 50 feet of double-jacketed industrial hose. When not in use, a threaded aluminum cap protects the F-500 EA from contamination. In cases where the F-500 Portable Cart is permanently deployed, a specially designed cap allows the eductor to remain in the F-500 EA reservoir without fear of debris contaminating the F-500 EA.



F-500 EA Extinguishes and Encapsulates E10 Gasoline Fire

F-500 EA Extinguishes Car Fire-Ontario

F-500 EA Extinguishes and Encapsulates E10 Gasoline Fire

F-500 EA Extinguishes and Encapsulates E10 Gasoline Fire