Facility Management Master Craft


The Facility Management Master Craft Program is aimed at equipping practicing/professional Facility Managers with up-to-date industry knowledge and skills, tools, templates. Not exempting individuals who would like to make transition from any prior field of study and experience into facility management as a career of choice.
Ultimately, the program is structured to cater for those who may require employment in facility management. As the program is designed to ensure that participants in this category possess all the requirement to guarantee very good FM jobs after going through the 9months program ( refer to testimonies from current batch of participants who got fantastic offers in the course of attending the Mastercraft program).
In addition, this program is also open to those individuals who are wishing to start their own FM companies with the right knowledge and skills. With the Mastercraft program, you are sure to gain traction!

Expected Outcomes

Candidates will graduate with the Federal Government of Nigeria Council for Management Development (CMD) and Nigerian Institute of Training and Development (NITAD) accredited certificate of training from Max-Migold Ltd, the frontrunner in FM education in Nigeria.

Mode of Entry

There will be a written test and a face-to-face interview before shortlisted candidates will apply formally for admission into the program.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 1) Fresh University and Polytechnic Graduates from the following areas- Engineering, Sciences, Environmental, Social Sciences, Architecture, Building, Business, Survey and Estates.
  • 2) Graduates from other disciplines with years of experience working in the built environment in any capacity.
  • 3) OND holders from any discipline with several years’ work experience in Facility Management as a Foreman, Admin, Clerk or Maintenance Supervisor etc.

Training Methodology

  • Facilitator-led classroom presentations with discussions, workshops, practical site visits, inspections, and guaranteed work placement internship opportunity.
  • Facilitators for the program are experienced certified FM Professionals, Building Services Engineering Consultants and University Academics.

Program Fee

  • Non-Refundable Application Fee – ₦7,500
  • Program Fees – ₦265,000
  • Contact: 08022020122
  • Email: training@maxmigold.com
  • Website: www.maxmigold.com
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The classes will run for a period of 3 months followed by further 6 months of workplace internship and practical, making a total of 9 months. Classes will hold 2 weekday-evenings, and Saturdays.
4pm to 7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as 10am to 2pm on Saturdays
Nov. 13th – Dec. 29th 2017 Registrations and Payment
Jan. 15th – Jan. 20th 2018 Assessment and Interview
Jan. 29th – April 21st 2018 Training Classes, Workshops and Practical Field Trips
May 7th – Oct 26th 2018 Work Placement for Practical Work Internship
A one-day training module will cost N20,000 with certificate of participation


1. FM Foundations 30th Jan. 2018
2. FM Career Course 1st Feb. 2018
3. Business Case Presentation 3rd Feb. 2018
4. Human Resources Management 6th Feb. 2018
5. Strategic Facility Planning 8th Feb. 2018
6. FM Contracts 10th Feb. 2018
7. Customer Service 13th Feb. 2018
8. Financial Management 1 15th Feb. 2018
9. Quality Management 17th Feb. 2018
10. Performance Management 20th Feb. 2018
11. Facility Maintenance Strategies 22nd Feb. 2018
12. Maintenance Records 24th Feb. 2018
13. Regulatory requirement and building codes 27th Feb. 2018
14. Build, Design, Commissioning 1st March 2018
15. Asset Management 3rd March 2018
16. Facility Condition Assessment 6th March 2018
17. Space Planning and Move Management 8th March 2018
18. Sustainability 10th March 2018
19. Health and Safety Management 13th March 2018
20. Building Electricals Maintenance 15th March 2018
21. Air-Conditioning Maintenance 17th March 2018
22. Project Management 20th March 2018
23. Information System Management 22th March 2018
24. Plumbing Maintenance 24th March 2018
25. Building Fabric and Structure Maintenance 27th March 2018
26. Information and Maintenance System 29th March 2018
27. Fire System Maintenance 31st March 2018
28. Cleaning and Hygiene Services 3rd April 2018
29. Gardening. Landscape and Waste Services 5th April 2018
30. Workplace Hospitality Services 7th April 2018
31. Occupants Service 10th April 2018
32. Starting and Growing an FM Business 12th April 2018
33. Work Place Productivity 14th April 2018

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