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“Fuel saving guaranteed up to 30% with Hydrox Systems


Hydrox Systems is a system that offers you substantial reduction on your fuel costs for vehicles, generators and machines, reduces emission and environmental pollution, while at the same time improving efficiency and prolonging engine life.

Fundamentally, in every typical engine you have pistons, which are move up and down in high frequency. Air moves into the cylinder through the open-air inlet valve, which makes the piston move down. When the inlet valve closes, the piston moves up, and compresses the air mixture, heating it up. Fuel moves into the hot gas through the central fuel injection valve and spontaneously ignites with the help of a spark plug. The air- fuel mixture ignites and burns, pushing the piston down and driving the crankshaft that sends mechanical power to the wheels and necessary energy to move the vehicle or machine.

This reaction usually occur only when the piston reaches TDC (Top Death Center) of its position. However, in most engines, the air-fuel mixture ignites too early, before the TDC, and the early explosion makes fuel burning inefficient. Inefficient  fuel burning brings about high fuel consumption, and also exposes  the immediate environment to Nitrogen oxide (NOx), Carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrocarbons (HC), Sulphur oxide (SO2) etc., which are all extremely hazardous.

Hydrox Systems add HHO GAS to your regular fuel (petrol, diesel, LPG etc.) which increases the pressure inside the cylinders and the octane rating as well. The HHO Gas supplement allows complete fuel burning process than normal and it decreases the temperature inside the cylinders. Because this air-fuel and oxy-hydrogen mixtures burns faster. The additional oxy-hydrogen helps the engine to run with a far better combustion, and aid reduction of fuel consumption and emissions respectively. Practically, HHO gas guarantees complete fuel burning process and amazingly gives you a much lower exhaust emissions by 80%.

There are no changes that will be made to your engine or any other parts of your vehicles and generators during installation of the hydrogen generator for your engines. An entirely independent system will be attached to your engines with ease. This system will immediately improve on the working capacity of your engine with a great combustion cycle, thereby reducing the noise generation. It gives you clean pistons and valves which reduces vibration. The hydrogen also helps to improve the power of your engine by improving the rate of acceleration.

HHO generator significantly increases power and economize fuel, it is a system that is designed for all types of internal combustion engines.

How Does This Technology Work

It uses a simple methodology to perform its operations.

The HHO Generator produces oxy-hydrogen from distilled water or electrolyte, and extra electricity from the alternator of the engine. Most manufacturers provide for a bigger alternator than required to accommodate plugged-in devices such as phones, laptops and other devices that need power. The alternator is usually strong enough to charge these devices as well as your car batteries. In most cases the efficiency of these bigger alternator is not utilized, so Hydrox System helps to utilize the power generated by the alternator and convert it from electricity to HHO gas and feeds your vehicles with this oxy-hydrogen gas as air-intake.

Advantages of Using This Technology

Increased Power

The extra energy generated by the bigger alternator, which is not used by your vehicles or generators, is what we put back into the engine. With the help of oxy-hydrogen gas, the burning process inside the cylinders is enriched with both hydrogen and pure oxygen making sure that your fuel burns completely. When the air-fuel mixture and the HHO gas are mixed, they burn much faster and generate more mechanical power, thus creating more torque (Nm).

Reduction of emission

With quality supply of hydrogen to engines it is certain that there will be decrease in emissions. Be it diesel, petrol, CNG or LPG, this decrease in emission is certain. Most vehicles and generators equipped with HHO generators have been known to experience 80% drop in hydrocarbon emissions (CO2, NOx) just after few minutes of running on hydrogen generator. This is a great way to reduce your organization’s greenhouse gas emission and overall carbon footprint in furtherance of your ISO 140001 credentials and other corporate CSR targets.

More energy life

HHO generator aids the engine life of your vehicles and generators because it ensures the fuel is burning more completely and there is less carbon black which accumulates in the engine and contaminates the oil. It also performs clean burning which implies less carbon black in the engine oil and minimal deposits of black soot on the engine valves and engine piston rings. HHO generator also makes the engine run 10-20 degrees cooler. It lowers the engine compression and the friction that usually damage those parts, thereby substantially reducing your maintenance costs.

Why choose Hydrox Systems???

HHO generator kits comes with everything you need to complete the installation.

Max-Migold Limited will provide you helping hands to carry out the installation and ongoing support.

The system also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty from Max-Migold Ltd.

By using Hydrox Systems, you can get:

  • Saving of fuel up to 40%
    *fuel saving of 40% is a result of additional ECU management setup
  • Increasing the engine dynamic parameters by 25%
    *increase Nm’s in 80% of the diesel engines
  • Reduce emissions of CO2 by 80%
  • Prolonged lifespan of the engines
  • Reduced deposits and soot in engine significantly
  • Easy  installation that fits in every vehicle and generator

Hydrox Systems is a system made solely in Europe from the highest quality materials.

Different fundamental factors such as: optimal performance, compact size, strength, quality, long life, quick and easy installation, and last but not least, appearance, where considered during the design stage of the cell.

The Steel in the cell was 316 L, which allows it to continuously operate without changes, with the presence of deposits or dirt, even after several months of work, the color of the water in the system remains unchanged.

Hydrox Systems Cells are produced with the most modern technology with laser cut plates of high quality, which makes it very reliable, durable and long lasting. It has a 2 years warranty.

Secondary elements of the system such as the tank and bubbler are produced with great level of compactness and strength, survives under variable temperatures.it is quick and easy to install and most importantly, consistency in connection with the cell.

It also includes other elements such as tubing, wiring, relay, ammeter and automatic fuse are specially selected for quality, reliability and long life.

Hydrox Systems are available for:

  • CARS