Video Conferencing Solutions

Do you have a need for reliable, unique and unmatched video conferencing services? Then PeopleLink is a one stop solution for all your video conferencing needs.

PeopleLink offers a wide range of Video Conferencing Products, Software and Solutions for one time buy as well as rental services for Video Conference Rental Services (SaaS). Being an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, we deliver the most comprehensive and reliable, multiparty Business video conferencing products in all parts of the globe.

Unique Flexibility:

Our Multi Party Video Conferencing Software Solutions work on simultaneous concurrent user’s model, which allows you to connect anyone anywhere, not just fixed locations. (Unlike other competitor products, where you can connect only installed locations on video conference meetings) at one third of the bandwidth requirements. For example, if you purchase 10 licenses, you can simultaneously connect any of your 10 locations and not just any fixed locations (unlike other competitor products, where you can connect only installed locations on video conference meetings).

PeopleLink is the number 1 choice of CEOs for video conferencing software solutions, enabling Savings of up to 80% on travel and more than 50% on monthly recurring bandwidth & initial infrastructure costs.


Unified Telepresence (UTP)

With PeopleLink Unified TelePresence, you may choose to do Video conference from your Laptop without going to a Conference Room and when multiple participants need to be the part of video conference; Users have a choice to attend the Video Conference from Conference Rooms by just adding PTZ video conference cameras and Audio devices. UTP easily extends your room system conferencing application to remote and desktop users for Voice, Video and Data communications. Take conferencing where you go instead of being told where to go!

Instant Video Conferencing (InstaVC)

PeopleLink’s instaVac offers Instant Video Conferencing with Enterprise Security and rich data collaboration. On Cloud browser / On Premise Clientless Architecture for realizing BYOD & pervasive video for your organization. InstaVC is a futuristic Video Collaboration platform for organizations to achieve client-less and plugin free, real time communication which enables peer-to-peer audio, video, and data sharing between browsers. InstaVC offers a unique and unmatched multi-party capability in the same suite of offering.

PeopleLink HDVC

PeopleLink’s HDVC is designed to meet the demands of high performance video conferencing with a standard PC and Internet connection, including broadband and mobile wireless data cards. HDVC is our flagship product embedded with the most progressed video technology, by which the participants of the meeting can experience real time conversation, including live data sharing option. The participants are able to share any kind of document such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel and Rich Media (Audio Visual) files due to the real time data sharing option.

Our Video Solutions can be used effectively in the following locations and services:

  • Presentation Sharing
  • Lecture Capture
  • Airport Video Information Kiosk
  • eLearning Solutions
  • Call Centers for a wide range of industries including banking and telecommunications companies
  • Legislative and Judicial Conferencing and Recording
  • Telemedicine Solutions including Tele-surgery and patient monitoring
  • Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Customer Service
  • eCommerce
  • Tactical Defense, paramilitary and Security solutions.

Other Product Offerings include:

  • Appliance Based EndPoints
  • Immersive Telepresence Suite
  • Customized Utility Bundle
  • Video Peripherals
  • Audio Peripherals