We Offer a broad range of high quality services, some of which include but are not limited to the following:

Max Migold Ltd is a physical facilities advisory, training, inspections and technology solutions firm targeting a niche clientele of Multi-national and Nigerian organizations who yearn for best value creation, cost optimization, sustainability, and human capital development. We provide practical results-oriented consulting and training that translates into immediate economic, social and environmental bottom line earnings for our clients.

Services provided include:

Advisory Services

Operation and Maintenance Cost Reduction

We deliver substantial cost reduction in several areas of physical facility management through operations processes review, outsourced contracts initiation and reviews, vendor sourcing, prequalification and selection, value-based bidding and negotiations.

Maintainability and Sustainability Consultancy

Based on the practical application of sustainability best practices, life cycle analysis (LCA), total cost of ownership (TCO), and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA), we evaluate decisions taken on materials, equipment, construction/installation methods, personnel, and processes deployed during property renovation or construction to ensure maintainability and sustainability.

Facility Management Organizational Development

We align real estate and property departments to organizational goals through competency and capacity evaluations, organizational structure review and improvements, operations and maintenance templates design, and capacity building for in-house FM teams.

Project Management

We provide quality assurance and quality control services for new systems deployment, renovation, construction and major outsourcing projects through planning, execution and monitoring controls to ensure best value creation.

Property Inspection Services

Building Condition Assessments

We deploy latest technology to uncover deficiencies in buildings. Our reports serve as basis for property acquisition and ownership decisions; upgrade project management budgets and schedules, facility operations and maintenance planning and budgets as well as building integrity certification.

Asset Register

We deploy latest technology like bar-coding and radio frequency identification tagging to catalogue movable and fixed physical assets, and provide a comprehensive database which details relevant data required for real estate strategic and operational planning, insurance cover, accounting, taxation and management decision making.

Facility Management Training

We have over 30 fully developed facility management training modules, complete with presentations slides, reading textbooks, case studies and reference materials, which deliver practical skills to corporate real estate, facility management and property management teams as well as individual professionals. We provide training modules for the following courses:

Facility Management Operations (FMO)

This course is for building services operatives who directly interface with building users, manage service providers, custodial and maintenance teams. The course covers all of the 11 key IFMA defined FM competency areas at beginner to intermediate levels, including communication, emergency preparedness and business continuity, environmental stewardship and sustainability, finance and business essentials, human factors, leadership and strategy, project management, quality management, real estate and property management and technology with a very strong focus on operations and maintenance.

Facility Maintenance Management (FMM)

This course is for building services operatives who are directly involved in the provision of hard FM services. It delves deeply into maintenance planning, maintenance standards, FM technology and IT services management, air-conditioning, elevators, escalators, power generating systems maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as building wiring and electrical equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.

Facility Management Strategy (FMS)

This course is for facilities, real estates and property department leaders, financial, procurement, general services and administrative heads who oversee budgets, strategic planning, and procurement of FM services, are concerned about cost optimization, strategic alignment with core business, building user productivity and workplace policy implementation. This course will treat various FM contracting models, value-based FM contracting processes as well as FM organizational leadership.

Workplace Productivity (WP)

This course is for every professional who wants to acquire the requisite skills required to navigate the modern work place and deliver results with peak performance. Modules in the course includes relevant soft skills, desktop computing skills, people management and social skills.

Facility Management Technology Solutions

We provide hardware and software, hosted and licensed technology solutions such as CMMS, BMS, BIM, Fire safety, etc. for sustainable and effective management of large portfolios of real estate assets. We do not sell licenses but directly handle the programing, design, data acquisition, execution, training and ongoing support of our Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system. We are also OEM representatives for cutting-edge innovative building management products.

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